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Values to be learnt from stories of families in need

I commend journalists Toh Yong Chuan and Janice Tai for presenting their report in plain language and bonding with these families in need ("The faces behind the aid figures"; last Sunday).

The report was not written out of pity for the families but to instil confidence in them, express compassion and show what resilience means.

Despite the odds, these families remain strong and committed to working hard for the future of their loved ones.

What caught my attention was the plight of 85-year-old grandfather Ahmad Taman, who was his family's breadwinner until he was recently diagnosed with lung cancer, and his grandson Md Ridzwan Azmi, who is determined to get a polytechnic education and break out of three generations of struggle his family has gone through ("Teen hopes to break long cycle of struggle"; last Sunday) .

Though the report highlighted only six families, they typify the population that may be in such dire straits.

Readers from all walks of life must relate these stories to their own families, particularly to children, to instil moral values like compassion, filial piety and love for one another.

In life, one cannot expect everything to be smooth sailing, but where there is a will, there is a way.

I wish these families well, and hope that they will continue to remain strong and committed to improving their lives for the betterment of their families.

A. Kannan

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