Use discretion in fining those who flout bus-lane rule

I envisage that motorists who drive in bus lanes during restricted hours fall invariably into three groups as follows ("Full-day bus lane hours to be extended"; Wednesday):

• Those who drive blatantly in the lane to bypass the congestion in the other lanes;

• Those who are afraid that they may not be able to filter left early enough, given the prevailing traffic condition, to make a left turn safely;

• Those who are not sure of the exact location of the entrance, where they have to turn left to their destination.

Hence, it may be inequitable to impose a composition fine of $130 on all violators of the bus-lane rule, regardless of the intent of the offending driver and the prevailing circumstances.

While the first group of offenders listed above ought to pay the maximum fine of $130, there may be sufficient mitigating factors for those in the second and third groups to pay a lesser fine of, say, $65 instead.

Ng Chee Kheon

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