US presidential election a real eye-opener

As I watched the coverage of the United States presidential election results yesterday, several observations and thoughts came to mind.

The first is that we should not trust pollsters. Most polls put Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton ahead of Republican Donald Trump, yet, Mr Trump has emerged the winner.

Singaporeans must be able to make their own decisions about who they want leading Singapore in future, by making up their minds on their own and not depending on how others may choose.

Second, this election has played out with strong protectionist overtones. I am sure outsiders are surprised that after two terms of Mr Barack Obama's leadership, there are still outdated sentiments against free trade and globalisation.

Third, both candidates had to make a big push to get millennials to go out and vote.

In Singapore's context, perhaps the Government has to put the message out that voting is a strong way to legitimise the decisions an elected government makes.

Lastly, I wonder if Mr Trump has a road map to unite America.

The 2016 US presidential election has been a real eye-opener.

Colin Ong Tau Shien

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