Unreasonable demands by some users of ride-hailing apps

With ride-hailing apps, commuters have an unprecedented level of convenience when it comes to getting a ride.

However, some passengers seem to think that by paying a fare, they become instant bosses over the driver.

Some ask the drivers to go into their condominium basement carpark, where their lift landing is, instead of using the drop-off point at the condo.

Some Housing Board flat dwellers ask to be dropped off at the end of carparks, where it may be too narrow for drivers to make a three-point turn, resulting in them having to reverse all the way back out.

I have encountered an app userwho called to tell me to hurry up because he had been waiting for five minutes. This was even though the app had informed him I would arrive in seven minutes.

Another passenger kept urging me to drive faster, and cursed and swore whenever I stopped at a traffic light, because he was late in picking his daughter up from kindergarten.

There are many other instances of unreasonable passengers, and many drivers suffer in silence.

Many commuters seem to have forgotten the miserable situation before ride-hailing apps came along - when they had to wait for a long time under the hot sun for a taxi, and when taxi drivers were arrogant and picked and chose passengers.

The only appreciative passengers I encounter are usually those whom I pick up after midnight. I have realised that this is because if I did not take them, they would have to pay a lot more for a normal taxi ride.

Singaporeans should consider not only the cheap fares, but also the intangible benefits that come with ride-hailing apps.

Ong Heng Poh

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