Unity in the face of adversity

I read with great interest about the restrictions from Malaysia on certain varieties of wild-caught fish and shrimp to Singapore as well as potential limits on the export of eggs (KL to halt export of 4 fish species and shrimp for two months; Dec 18).

These have come close after the recent territorial disputes.

We should take these incidents in our stride and use them to build a stronger and more united nation.

Actually, the recent turn of events should not surprise anyone.

The threats to turn off our water supply, make it more expensive, restrict our food sources and more have always been a way to highlight the fact that Singapore is a small nation with no natural resources.

Such incidents have made some Singaporeans worry and, in the past, some may have rushed to the supermarkets to stock up on such items such as canned food and bottled water.

Thankfully most of us have taken a more sanguine approach to such events.

I dare say we have developed a stiff upper lip and are less inclined to panic.

But these events reinforce the importance of having a solid total defence, good management of resources, research and development for self-sufficiency and a wide network of alternative sources for food.

Geopolitical winds are always shifting, and sometimes such tough times are necessary to unite us.

There are larger forces at play in the world and we should be aware that it is all too easy for this little red dot to be swallowed. So let's face adversity with courage, fortitude and determination.

Peter Loon

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