Unfair renovation contracts hurt home owners

The terms and conditions of many renovation contracts have been written in such a manner as to put apartment owners at an unreasonable and unfair disadvantage (33 complaints against renovation firm; April 27).

For example, owners have to make 50 per cent payment to the contractor upon commencement of work, and 95 per cent payment has to be made upon completion of masonry works, but before the carpentry and dry works start.

A huge amount of money is involved, and this is why contractors can afford to stop or slow the work down halfway.

There is no protection for apartment owners.

These terms and conditions do not exist in big development projects. For such projects, the main contractor is paid progressively, according to the work that is completed at the site.

I have also been a victim of one-sided renovation contracts.

It is times like these that the Consumers Association of Singapore can assist most, so that home owners are not taken for a ride.

Kong Peng Sun

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