Undeserved probation for one of our best coaches

V. Sundramoorthy's appointment as caretaker national coach hints that the Football Association of Singapore (FAS) has not much belief in his ability to deliver the goods ("FAS has done new boss a disservice with 'caretaker' tag"; Sunday, and "Have full faith in local coaches"; yesterday).

Unfortunately, this also plants the seed in the minds of the public, fans and players that the FAS has no confidence that Sundram is the right choice.

This is unfair to Sundram, who is one of our best coaches currently.

To relegate his status to that of a one-year caretaker coach is humbling in comparison to the tenures of past national coaches, who were signed on contracts for two years or more.

But, knowing Sundram, he will battle on unbowed by the severe scrutiny he will now undergo - a probation he does not deserve.

George Pasqual

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