Forum: Two lifts at MRT stations where possible

A lift at an MRT station.
A lift at an MRT station.PHOTO: SMRT

We thank Mr Tony Wee Gim Leong for his feedback on lift service at MRT stations (Seniors struggle when lifts at train stations don't work, Nov 4).

We agree that lifts in MRT stations are important to the elderly and those with mobility issues.

On Mr Wee's suggestion to have more than one lift in each station, the Land Transport Authority has provided for two lifts for future lines, where technically possible.

The lift at Bukit Batok station was put out of service after we received a report of noise coming from the lift.

We inspected the lift and rectified the fault. The lift was put back into service within three hours.

Where available station lifts are out of service, commuters needing to use them are advised to seek station staff assistance.

For commuters entering a station where the lift is down, notices are also put up before the fare gate to inform them.

Currently, some scheduled maintenance of the lifts takes place during off-service hours. More of such maintenance will be carried out during off-service hours.

We thank our commuters for their patience and understanding.

Margaret Teo

Chief Communications Officer

SMRT Corporation

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