TV shows, movies licensed by territory

We thank Mr Eric J. Brooks for his feedback regarding the ability to access the same TV shows and films on the Netflix service in Singapore as in the United States ("Why block overseas content from willing subscribers?"; yesterday).

Historically, studios and content owners have licensed their TV shows and movies by territory.

Whether for traditional TV or Internet TV networks such as Netflix, we are contractually obliged to abide by these licensing contracts and territorial restrictions.

This means any Netflix member in Singapore can watch only titles licensed for the Singapore service, and under these licensing restrictions, we are required to employ measures to prevent cross-border use.

Netflix's goal is to deliver a global catalogue to our members for their enjoyment everywhere, without the use of proxies or virtual private network (VPN) services. This keeps us pushing towards obtaining worldwide rights from content owners.

Unfortunately, this isn't always possible, and so differences exist between our catalogues in different countries.

Since Netflix's launch in Singapore, our content library has more than doubled. On top of that, we are releasing hundreds of hours in original programming - movies, TV shows, documentaries and stand-up comedies - that will be globally available to all our members at the same time.

We thank Mr Brooks and all our other Singapore members for their support as we try and bring them the best content from around the world.

Jessica Lee (Ms)


Communications - Asia 


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