Treat the world as one's workplace

Economic slowdowns and disruptions are increasingly going to become a way of life ("New online jobs marketplace 'needs to draw employers'"; Oct 12).

Both the current and future generations of workers need to future-proof themselves.

One, workers must be ready to use the world as their workplace. They must become global citizens.

Two, lateral and vertical thinking skills, resilience, adaptability and relationship-building are going to be the core tools for survival. This needs to be the focus for personal development in school and college years, not grades.

Three, investment in mental health is going to be even more crucial to help one absorb the uncertainties and disappointments in life, and to remain emotionally and psychologically resilient.

Four, workers should always have at least one year in savings to help them transition from job to job. Some money needs to be spent to remain relevant to the world through unlearning and relearning.

Finally, the delaying of gratification is going to be even more important in the light of the economic and job uncertainties.

Kuharajahsingam Karalasingam

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