Train reversing direction: SBS Transit replies

We apologise to Mr Joseph Wong Yong Lye and all affected passengers for the inconvenience caused when train services between NE12 Serangoon and NE17 Punggol were disrupted on the evening of Aug 17 ("No instructions given as train reverses direction"; Tuesday).

As a result, trains heading towards NE17 Punggol had to terminate service at NE11 Woodleigh station.

The trains were then turned around at this station to begin service back towards NE1 HarbourFront, and this explains why the trains were put on hold at the Woodleigh station.

During the disruption, commuters were informed through on-board announcements to alight at the station as service would be terminated.

Elsewhere on the line, announcements were made regularly to inform commuters to expect delays in their journeys.

Commuters at affected stations could also take buses calling at the nearby bus stops for free or the bridging bus services that were available.

Once again, we apologise to all affected passengers for the inconvenience caused.

Tammy Tan (Ms)

Senior Vice-President

Corporate Communications

SBS Transit

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