Trail use by bikers, hikers: NParks replies

We thank Mr Lim Boon Kuan for his feedback ("Take steps to minimise tensions between walkers and riders"; Thursday).

We agree with Mr Lim that hikers and bikers need to show consideration for each other and respect the use of space that is designated for different purposes.

By doing so, both groups are rewarded with a safe and enjoyable experience of their recreational activities.

We discourage the use of the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve mountain-bike trail by hikers, as the trail has many sharp corners and downhill slopes designed specifically for mountain biking.

To help bikers and hikers enjoy Bukit Timah Nature Reserve in a safe way, we are carrying out works to designate a separate hiking trail that will run parallel to the current mountain-bike trail.

This trail will be ready by the end of the year for hikers' use.

Together with our volunteers, we will also continue our outreach and education efforts to hikers to highlight the importance of avoiding the mountain-bike trail.

For everyone's safety, we seek the cooperation of hikers and bikers to stay on their respective trails.

Wong Tuan Wah

Director, Conservation

National Parks Board

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