Town council left to clean up after irresponsible contractor

Prior to starting renovation works in Housing Board units, contractors are required to apply for permits from the HDB.

The terms and conditions are stipulated in the permits, and contractors are meant to comply with them.

However, there does not seem to be a way for HDB to ensure this, and irresponsible contractors can flout the rules.

Some weeks ago, the unit nearest mine was undergoing renovation.

The contractor performing hacking works did not close the door to avoid dust from flying out. As a result, the common corridor, my plants and shoes were covered in dust.

We had to mop the floor daily as the contractor did not wash the floor at the end of the day, but merely swept the dust away.

After a couple of complaints, thetown council sent its maintenance workers to wash the floor clean.

This was helpful, but it left me wondering why the contractor was not instructed to do the cleaning.

The monthly conservancy fees we pay to a town council is for the upkeep of the estate, and not for it to clean up after renovation works. Deploying its maintenance team to perform the task supposed to be done by the contractor responsible is not proper.

The town council clarified that the HDB should manage the contractors since it is the authority approving the permits. But then, why did the town council not notify HDB to manage the situation?

Does HDB have oversight of contractors who have been issued such permits?

Tan Thian Huat

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