Tow trucks need centralised call system

Recently, I called for a tow truck after my car broke down. It took almost two hours to arrive, resulting in a bad traffic jam.

Many of my friends have had similar experiences.

The problem stems from the lack of a centralised system.

When a motorist calls a tow truck company, he has to wait for a specific tow truck that has been assigned to his vehicle to arrive at the scene, even though that particular tow truck could be engaged elsewhere.

For the sake of good traffic flow, could the Land Transport Authority look into setting up a centralised call system that links all the tow truck companies together so that the nearest tow truck can be deployed to the scene in the fastest time possible?

It could operate like Uber and Grab, whose call systems have made getting a taxi a breeze.

This will translate into a reduction in man-hours lost through traffic jams, increased productivity and road safety.

Teo Geok Har (Madam)

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