Touched by heroes' humility

What makes the heroes of Thailand's Tham Luang cave rescue exceptional is their humility (It was touch and go, says Singaporean diver in cave rescue, July 13; British diver recounts his 'massive relief' at finding trapped boys, July 14).

As if their courage and selflessness were not enough to bowl us over, they also shied away from the media rather than jostle for attention.

Those whom the media managed to corner for an interview spoke of their admiration for the boys' bravery or about the difficulty of the situation, but not about themselves.

Mr Douglas Yeo, our own Singaporean hero, was not only modest about his contribution to the rescue, but was also discreet about the sensitive details of the rescue.

Kudos to The Straits Times for its extensive coverage of the people who contributed to the rescue. We would otherwise not have learnt about these unsung heroes.

Agnes Sng Hwee Lee (Ms)

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