Tools available to construction firms for noise control

We thank Mr Loong Chik Tong for his letter (Upgrade noisy outdated construction practices; April 26).

We agree that the construction industry should adopt quieter equipment and methods to reduce noise disturbance to nearby residents when carrying out construction work.

Today, construction companies must comply with specified noise limits set by the National Environment Agency (NEA).

More stringent limits apply for construction projects located near noise-sensitive premises, such as residential buildings, hospitals and schools.

To stay within the limits, construction companies may have to implement noise mitigating measures, such as installing noise barriers around their sites. The NEA also requires construction companies to install a noise monitoring system to continuously monitor the noise levels generated from the construction site.

Companies may tap the $10 million Quieter Construction Fund (QCF) administered by the NEA to purchase or lease quieter construction equipment or noise control equipment, or implement innovative noise-reduction solutions.

To assist contractors in selecting equipment for quieter construction, the NEA provides a list of supported equipment, such as jack-in piling machines and silent sheet pilers for piling works; concrete crushers, vibro ripper and shears for demolition; perimeter noise barriers and crack inducers for pile head removal.

Members of the public can give feedback on noise from construction sites at 1-800-CALL NEA (1-800-2255-632) or via the myENV app.

Fong Peng Keong

Director, Pollution Control Department

National Environment Agency

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