Time to regulate motorised bicycles

Recently, as I was coming out of Bukit Panjang Plaza, a motorised bicycle suddenly zoomed across my path. If I had been walking just a little faster, I would have been knocked down and injured.

Bicycles are not allowed to travel on pavements here. Yet, every day, we see parents riding motorised bicycles to take their children to school, as well as elderly folk using them around the neighbourhood. This is quite dangerous, especially if there are many young children and elderly people around.

We need to consider regulating these vehicles in three areas:

•Where these motorised bicycles can travel - on the road or on pedestrian paths. The benefits and convenience of users have to be considered against safety.

•Speed limits of these motorised bicycles, so users are prevented from travelling at a speed that is too high and become a threat to others.

•How pedestrian paths and roads are designed, to ensure motorised vehicles have space to travel safely.

Koh Kai Xuan, 15,

Secondary 3 student

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