Time to re-hire Raddy for Singapore football

I cannot agree more with Mr Toh Cheng Seong (Give the Lions more realistic goals; June 22).

If the new Football Association of Singapore council genuinely believes that the Lions can qualify for the Asian Cup finals on a regular basis, then it needs to ensure that the right man is appointed.

V. Sundramoorthy may have been a wonderful player in his day, but he clearly is not the man to guide our Lions to the Asian Cup 2019.

In terms of tactical awareness and game strategy, former Lions coach Raddy Avramovic is the man the FAS should hire if it genuinely wants Singapore to be among the best in Asia.

In terms of motivation, local legend Fandi Ahmad will do well as one of the coaches in the Lions' setup, but only if he is supporting a well-respected national coach.

Apart for a short stint at Negeri Sembilan, Sundram has not coached beyond Singapore, and even in the S-League, he has not won any title.

Why then does the FAS continue to place their hopes on him?

The FAS needs to do the right thing the right way. Appointments must be merit-based.

Perhaps it is time for Sport Singapore to be involved in key hiring matters by the FAS. This will ensure only objective decisions are made for the good of the sport. Otherwise, our football will never progress.

Daniel Chan Siang Ming