Time to change telecommunication landscape

I agree with Mr Shawn Lee Chieh Loong that it is time for the Infocomm Media Development Agency (IMDA) to relook the need to implement post-paid to pre-paid number porting and to change the telecommunication landscape here (Relook post-paid to pre-paid number porting; Oct 23).

It is not fair for IMDA to continue to say that the demand for post-paid to pre-paid porting is low.

Consumers like me, who want to retain their numbers from post-paid to pre-paid, have contacted the telcos but have been told that they do not provide such an option.

I was advised to apply for a new number instead, but that is not a suitable solution as I would like to keep my existing number to ensure that I am contactable.

This is especially so as there may be some friends and relatives who do not keep in touch with me frequently but may need to reach me in case of an urgent situation or emergency.

In order to remain contactable despite not using the service often, consumers will then have to subscribe to a low-value plan instead.

The cost of this plan may be very substantial, especially for low-income groups and retirees.

IMDA and the relevant authorities must not always consider things from only the point of view of businesses.

The role of the Government and its agencies is to ensure that the general public's needs and welfare are reasonably taken care of.

It must continue to protect the people and keep up with the change in time and needs.

Lim Tong Wah

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