Time for transport operators to aim higher

THE Housing Board Sample Household Survey 2013 shows that among the various types of facilities provided in an estate, transportation facilities fared the worst, with only 80 per cent of residents satisfied, a drop from 84 per cent in 2008.

The main reasons for dissatisfaction were limited or incomprehensive bus services and irregular services.

An analysis by flat type shows that commuters in bigger flats were more dissatisfied than those in smaller flats.

This is understandable as such commuters are richer, have higher expectations, and may own cars but make use of public transport to go to work.

The HDB could furnish more information to see whether there is a trend of more such commuters using public transport. If so, public transport operators should take note and improve their services.

At a bus interchange near my home, I have seen bus drivers dashing through the bus bay to hop onto the bus to start their trip.

Supervisors have to ensure punctuality among bus drivers, who should be calm and relaxed before beginning their journey.

Gan Kok Tiong

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