Tighten security for Singapore politicians

Being a politician is not only a challenging job but also one that has a potential for risk and danger.

History has shown that politicians do face the danger of losing their lives through assassination.

The recent murder of British MP Jo Cox is an indication that politicians today also face the same threat ("British MP Jo Cox dies after attack; EU referendum campaign on hold"; June 17).

So far, no assassination attempts have been made on the lives of Singapore's politicians, though former MP Seng Han Thong was assaulted on two occasions ("Volunteers a big help, no need for further security, say MPs here"; last Saturday).

Mr Seng's experiences are stern reminders that politicians here in Singapore should not take their personal safety for granted, especially in this time when the threat of terrorism abounds.

Already, one person has allegedly plotted to assassinate political leaders here ("S'porean teen aimed to join ISIS or launch attacks here"; May 28, 2015).

The safety of Singapore's leaders is of the utmost importance.

Security needs to be tightened, and all necessary safety and protection measures must be taken to ensure our politicians are safe at all times.

Bobby Yeo Chek Hong

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