Tighten rules to check overloading of heavy vehicles

The authorities should consider tightening the rules on heavy vehicles that ferry gravel and sand.

Very often, we see heavy vehicles overloaded with such loose materials. The canvas flaps installed on the sides of such vehicles cannot even be closed properly.

As a result, spills occur at road junctions when the vehicles come to a sudden halt, or at bends and roundabouts when they move at a high speed.

Such vehicles pose a danger to other road users, especially motorcyclists.

The authorities should set a limit on the load these vehicles are allowed to carry.

The flaps must be closed properly after loading. This will prevent or minimise spills.

Alternatively, the authorities may consider having companies apply for a permit to deploy their fleet of drivers for such loads. They must specify the time, vehicles' registration numbers and the intended route.

If any spill is found along the route and the culprit cannot be apprehended, the company could still be held responsible.

Leng Kok Meng

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