Tighten oversight of condominium management

Condominium management committees handle hundreds of thousands of residents' monies every month.

My condominium alone collects about $400,000 a month. That sum is certainly no small change for a committee elected to serve its residents.

I appeal to the authorities to enforce stricter legislation with regard to ensuring that management corporation strata titles - managing bodies of condominiums - are above board, with the primary purpose of preventing abuse and the misuse and wastage of funds.

There should be a codified set of clear regulations governing management and the disbursement of funds - a set that all management corporation strata titles must abide by.

The elected management committee of a condominium has to realise that it is both a legal and moral obligation to serve fellow residents.

Committee members must adhere to high standards of integrity, governance and compliance in order to be respected and honoured.

Frankie Mao

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