Those with hearing disabilities have been included in masterplan

We thank Mr Alfred Yeo for his letter ("Include people with disabilities in policy discussion panels"; Jan 11), in which he mentioned the lack of representation from the deaf community in the formulation of the 3rd Enabling Masterplan.

This is not true.

The Steering Committee for the 3rd Enabling Masterplan comprised people from the public and private sector, caregivers and persons with disabilities, including a member with hearing impairment.

The committee was conscientious in ensuring that the different groups representing the spectrum of disabilities were consulted.

A series of focus group discussions and consultation sessions saw more than 400 participants providing input and feedback to the committee, including those from the deaf community.

I assure Mr Yeo that the views of persons with disabilities were taken into consideration in the development of the 3rd Enabling Masterplan.

Anita Fam (Ms)


3rd Enabling Masterplan

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