Voices Of Youth

Think twice before clicking 'share'

The problem with fake news is not just the articles themselves, but us, the readers, as well.

It starts when we do not check the validity of the content before sharing it, as we are too eager to share the new information with our friends and relatives.

With a tap of a button, the fake news goes viral, sometimes causing alarm and diverting emergency resources.

In literature, history and even science classes, we are taught to analyse texts for reliability and validity. Why are we unable to apply these skills to our daily lives and the articles we read?

I am glad that news publishers have put in more effort to counter the spread of fake news (Weak spot in the battle - the elderly who spread the gossip; June 25).

Though these efforts will not wipe out fake news completely, hopefully they will reduce its impact.

Anyone can publish articles. It is up to us to check the facts and understand the situation before clicking the "share" button.

Joy Tan Yu Shiao, 16, Secondary 4 student