Think positive about the unexpected

I understand what Cheryl Kho Xue Er went through when she gave out encouragement notes to Singaporeans ("Why doubt motives of kind strangers?"; Oct 28).

I have to admit, I am someone who does not like to be disturbed by people giving out things on the street.

Though people generally find encouragement notes unnecessary and a waste of time, they can prove useful and worthwhile.

Raising awareness of such initiatives will likely lead to a positive outcome, whereby the receiver will be more willing to take the notes, and the giver will be happy about the support.

We must anticipate the unexpected, and must not think in a negative way and believe that it is only a waste of time.

Encouragement notes are a unique way to create a kinder and friendlier Singapore.

Ang Chee Hin, 17, Secondary 4 student


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