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Think before going digital

With the ongoing digital revolution, people need to examine the real-world benefits of digitalising certain applications before they decide to commit to doing so.

Sometimes, over-digitalisation can also be a real problem. When there are multiple platforms to achieve the same purpose, it might become confusing and unintuitive for users.

This might just be taking a step backwards.

Just because something is more technically advanced does not automatically translate to a faster and more seamless experience for users.

There also has to be consistency across all stakeholders.

This is a problem in some schools which have chosen to move to applications suites by Google or Microsoft.

If a certain application is implemented by default for an organisation, it might be disconcerting if other members choose to use a pre-existing system, creating a divide between new and old.

All organisations should consider wisely before digitalising things.

They need to make sure that all the stakeholders are updated and trained in using the new software, consolidate the old and new systems and integrate the new application with the other pre-existing ones to prevent confusion before investing their time and effort.

Teo Chen Wei, 17

Junior College Year 2 student

A version of this article appeared in the print edition of The Straits Times on June 10, 2019, with the headline 'Think before going digital'. Print Edition | Subscribe