The silver lining to selling en bloc

As a senior citizen, I would like to address Mr Koh Kong Chia's appeal to the Government to assist older residents like himself during this period of frenzy over selling property en bloc (Government should help older Pine Grove residents; Dec 8).

My husband and I have lived in our apartment for many years, since even before our adult grandchildren were born.

Today, our spacious condominium units are being considered for a collective sale and many of us, like Mr Koh, share the view that we will have to exchange our comfortable abode for a "chicken coop".

Perhaps these people could be persuaded to change their minds.

Any old estate requires more maintenance to upkeep it in sound shape. As an owner, he will be given a choice, at premium cost, to acquire a new unit in the same vicinity when the newly developed replacement estate is completed.

There is no doubt that our old apartments are larger in size when compared with the well known compact size of new flats, but there will always be greenery and expansive views in our city.

If the effort to sell en bloc succeeds at our estate, we will certainly be sad to leave our home.

However, we will be engaged in making new friends as the prospect of moving into a new apartment means we do not have to worry about the high cost for repairs.

When we accept change and choose to adapt to it, it will bring us peace of mind.

We will then realise that a collective sale not only profits everyone but acts as an added blessing to those families who may be concerned that they have not saved sufficiently for retirement or other expenses that may occur in the future.

Vivien Tan (Mrs)

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