The right approach to the chicken problem

Ms Audrey Tan should be complimented for her well-written piece ("Base animal management policies on science"; Feb 16).

Certainly, a proper scientific study on all aspects of a problem should be carried out before a decision is taken on the matter.

Clearly, the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority 's (AVA) reason, that it was culling chickens out of public health concerns, does not make much sense ("AVA concerned about bird flu risk, not noise of chickens"; Feb 15).

There have been no reported cases of bird flu in Singapore of late. Also, based on AVA's argument, we should be culling all the birds flying in and around our parks as they, too, have the risk of spreading bird flu.

But I am also disappointed with the handful of Singaporeans who complained about the noise of the chickens.

Many Singaporeans are too urbanised and are intolerant of nature. In the old days, people used to raise chickens and one would be woken up in the morning by the crowing of roosters.

Sadly, I cannot experience nature like this.

Fortunately, living in the Kent Ridge Park area, I am still woken up every morning by the chirping of birds.

I hope that those who complained about the noise the chickens make will be more tolerant and make an effort to appreciate nature.

Lee Woon Kwang ( Dr)

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