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Forum: The price of better public transport

Passengers on an MRT train on Nov 5, 2019.
Passengers on an MRT train on Nov 5, 2019.ST PHOTO: LIM YAOHUI

Bus and train fares will be increased on Dec 28.

While this is unlikely to please the commuters, it is important to note that there should be a balance between the affordability of fares and profitability of public transport operators. Wanting better service but no fare increase is not realistic.

Relying too much on government subsidies for public transport infrastructure is not sustainable, especially when the intended budget has been exceeded.

Spending a huge lump sum of money on the transport sector, where total costs exceed total benefits, would mean that the Government is not allocating scarce resources efficiently.

Tax money collected is finite and using it to subsidise public transport would mean less money for education, healthcare, and other sectors.

A world-class transport system comes with a heavy price tag. The more Singaporeans expect from public transport services, the more they should be prepared to pay for them.

Suu Waddy Soe, 19


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