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Tenacious paddler inspires with his achievements

I was thoroughly impressed with Jason Chee's superb performance in the recently concluded Asean Para Games' table tennis tournament ("Chee plots route to Tokyo"; Dec 13).

My heartfelt admiration stemmed from his dogged determination and constant devotion to restarting a new chapter in his life.

Chee lost his left arm, three fingers on his right hand and both legs in a tragic accident while aboard one of our navy's warships ("SAF man critically hurt in ship mishap"; Dec 11, 2012).

Considering that he was originally left-handed, Chee has adapted himself immensely well by learning how to use his right hand to play table tennis.

One can imagine the number of obstacles a person has to transcend to become adept at using his non-dominant hand.

True to his spirit and undeterred by his physical disabilities, Chee persevered and was handsomely rewarded with both a team gold medal and an individual silver medal at the Games.

Chee's achievements are inspirational and our younger generation could certainly learn from his outlook in life.

I hope to see him become a Nominated Member of Parliament some time in the future.

Teo Kok Seah

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