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Tech can help bridge generation gap

It is very heartening to see how the Government is helping our older generation to keep up with technology ("Easier now for seniors to pick up IT skills"; Sunday).

As Singapore moves towards becoming a Smart Nation, we must integrate and assimilate our elders into our fast-paced modern society, especially in the face of a rapidly ageing population.

Connecting the younger and older generations is extremely beneficial in the integration of the older generation and in fostering a stronger social fabric.

With increased communication, both groups will feel less alienated and more comfortable with each other's presence.

One effective way to boost such communication is to get the elderly more "plugged in" when it comes to using technology that the younger generation is so comfortable with.

More IT courses could be conducted to help the elderly embrace technology in their daily lives.

They would then be able to communicate with loved ones more often, through social media, for example.

This can also help narrow the generation gap.

I hope younger Singaporeans will support seniors in this.

Dun Yawen, 17, Secondary 4 student

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