Teach residents what to do in a lift breakdown

It is saddening to read news of lift breakdowns, especially when they result in injury or even death (Lift that fell 4 floors serviced last month; July 4).

As I live on the 16th floor, I have to take the lift daily.

But after the many reports of breakdowns, my family and I now sometimes have fears about taking the lift.

Once, my mother was trapped in the lift, as the door could not open. Fearful of being stuck for a long period of time, she forced the door open with her bare hands and created a narrow opening to get out. Thankfully, she was unharmed.

It is hard to predict or prevent all accidents.

But with some effort, the chances of accidents occurring and the risk of injuries sustained can be reduced.

In addition, to ensure that help arrives immediately in the event of a breakdown, an emergency button can be installed in the lift that would notify the town council immediately.

Perhaps the HDB or companies responsible for lifts in HDB estates could educate residents on what to do when a lift breaks down, whether you are inside or outside the lift.

Jasmin Lee Hui Yun (Ms)

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