TCM still has place in modern medicine

After reading Mr Paul Chan Poh Hoi's letter ("Recognise, accept TCM's contributions to healthcare"; Forum Online, Oct 20), I found myself thinking about the relevance of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), especially in today's medical system, where so much emphasis is placed on modern Western medicine.

Even though TCM is not evidence-based, it still plays a salient role in our healthcare, largely because of a broad acceptance and use of modalities, like cupping and acupuncture.

Simply put, TCM is here to stay because there is a market for it.

As a traditional form of medicine, it is typically more affordable than many Western treatments, and may be the only form of medication for the poor to alleviate their aches and pains.

TCM alone may not be sufficient to treat us, but coupled with more modern forms of research, it may well pave a way for the discovery of a slew of cures.

Barry Moses Koh Quan Ren, 18, full-time national serviceman

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