Taxis meant to carry passengers, not goods

The Land Transport Authority should stand firm on prohibiting taxi and private-hire drivers from being part-time couriers for goods (Cabbies, private-hire drivers cannot do courier jobs: LTA, Aug 2; and LTA may change rule on barring cabbies from courier services, Aug 4).

Taxis and private-hire cars are meant for carrying passengers.

It will not bode well for stakeholders and passengers if such drivers try to do both, especially if they earn more from the courier service than from passenger fares.

Any organisation that cannot keep pace with increasing delivery demand should outsource this service to a legitimate courier company.

I understand that taxi drivers are finding it tough to survive and need to supplement their income, owing to lower passenger demand and intense competition.

But this should be done through proper channels, such as switching to become couriers completely.

Lim Chee Khiam

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