Target the attitude of PMD riders

A girl rides her e-scooter along Raffles Quay.
A girl rides her e-scooter along Raffles Quay.PHOTO: ST FILE

There has been much criticism in the media of personal mobility device (PMD) riders and the menace and danger they pose.

But there are considerate PMD riders and rude PMD riders. I have been riding an e-scooter for the past three years and have never got in any pedestrian's way, regardless of how crowded the place is.

This is because I do not ride my e-scooter at more than 25kmh, depending on the situation (Rig PMDs to go no faster than 10kmh, by Mr Seow Kian Wee, July 27).

If a pavement is completely clear with nobody in sight, I go faster. However, if human traffic is high, I slow down to way below 10kmh.

It has been recorded that many people tend to walk at a speed of around 5kmh.

Even if the speed of an e-scooter is capped at 10kmh, there will still be accidents, especially when inconsiderate riders do not care if human traffic is heavy or not.

It really is not about capping the speed of PMDs but more about people's attitude towards the safety of others.

Perhaps the authorities should impose a heavier fine or even more jail time on inconsiderate riders to set an example.

That should send a message that riders should put the safety of others as the No. 1 priority.

Francis Lee

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