Tap technology to promote inclusiveness

I agree with Mr Colin Ong Tau Shien ("Ensure those with special needs are ready for future workplace"; last Saturday) that it is crucial to ensure that special needs education is one that prepares people with special needs for the challenges of the future workplace.

Other than customising special needs education, work processes in the future workplace could be customised to fit the abilities of people with special needs, and technology can help to achieve this ("Schools boost support for students with special needs"; yesterday).

For example, for people who rely heavily on visual cues, an interactive interface could be created to guide them in carrying out their work, and this could be in the form of an app.

As Singapore strives to become a smart nation, many innovations that address national challenges are likely to emerge.

The Government could actively support innovations that level the playing field for people with special needs, and incorporate these into their work processes.

It could then encourage small- and medium-sized enterprises to do the same.

With the workplace tweaked to be "friendlier", through the use of technology, people with special needs will be more likely to excel in their work, remain employed, and remain visible in society.

Ultimately, this will help to promote inclusiveness.

Lim Ying Fu

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