Tap tech to improve taxi experience

In order for our transport system to be truly first class, it should start using technology to improve the experience for all.

For taxis, fare meters should be linked to a system that can show various routes to a passenger's destination, as well as route distance, time needed for travel and estimated fare for each route.

Passengers can then select which route they prefer to take.

This system should also be ez-link-compliant, such that a passenger will have to tap the card at the start and end of the journey.

If there is not enough money in the card, the passenger will have to pay the balance in cash, by credit card or through Nets.

This ez-link card system can help resolve the fare-cheating problem ("Ramping up efforts to crack down on fare cheats"; Sunday).

If a passenger does not tap his ez-link card at the start of the journey, the taxi will not drive off.

And if the passenger does not tap the card at the end of the journey, a flat fee can be deducted, similar to how we pay for our bus and train fares now.

A receipt should also be automatically printed with the taxi licence number on it.

Nancy Quek (Ms)

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