Voices of youth

Take time to be safe on the road

After school on Oct 25, I was about to cross the road with the green man lit when I noticed a bus approaching.

The driver put his hand up to signal for me to stop and then sped past me, running the red light.

I was very frustrated because pedestrians have the right to cross the road when the green man lights up.

What if the pedestrian did not see the bus coming? Is it worth it to risk a life just to save time?

It is not just drivers who are reckless.

I have also seen many people jaywalking and dashing across the road.

They should not do this. When they jaywalk, they put their lives on the line.

What if a driver does not see them, or if the vehicle's brakes suddenly fail?

Although accidents may happen, we can prevent them.

People should take the time to walk to a pedestrian crossing.

Drivers should keep their eyes on the road, and should not speed or run the red light.

If everybody follows these rules, I am sure we can prevent most accidents.

Emily Tan Seok Hui, 11,

Primary 5 pupil


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