Take steps to ensure elderly are well-nourished

I am sure the concerns Dr Wee Shiou Liang raised in his letter have been on the minds of many Singaporeans (Issue of poor nutrition among elderly requires attention; Sept 2).

This would be a matter of national importance if we are sure that such malnutrition exists.

How are we to kick off better nutrition and eating for the elderly?

Our Government encourages the elderly to be home-based until they need to be institutionalised.

Hence, there is a need to utilise other means to reach out to the elderly.

Town councils, community centres and students from schools in the vicinity can be good vehicles to promote nutritive health and exercise.

The Government should also keep an eye on the elderly living in nursing homes by carrying out random checks on food nutrition in homes.

All residents should be weighed regularly, unless the person's weight is not fundamental to health.

If we are to seriously care for our ageing society, specific requirements must be made mandatory.

Ho Kok Fei

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