Take firm stand against violence in schools

It is very worrying to see school children getting violent and behaving like gangsters.

Where were the teachers when the fight broke out at St Hilda's Secondary School (Man in viral fight video not a teacher: School; Sept 15)?

The man in the video was reported to be an intern, without the training or authority to manage the students.

But instead of looking on, he should have immediately alerted the teachers and principal to the incident.

I hope schools will take serious actions against students who commit such violent acts.

The message must be sent across to students that schools will not condone any type of bullying or violence.

I urge parents to discipline their children and to teach them that any form of violence is unacceptable.

If students can behave in such a violent manner, how will they behave when they are adults?

Susan Tan Lin Neo (Miss)

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