Take firm action against those who hurt police officers

I read with much concern how Traffic Police officer Nadzrie Matin's death could have been caused by a driver's negligent act, and how two other police officers were injured in their attempt to detain a man (Traffic cop on patrol dies in Serangoon Road accident, June 2; and Car chase ends in tussle; duo arrested, 2 cops hurt, June 3).

I have read about other incidents where suspects resisted arrest and verbally or physically abused police officers in the process. Such actions cannot be tolerated.

The job of our police officers, auxiliary officers and other public servants to keep Singapore safe and secure as well as to maintain order and preserve the peace is tough enough.

Each of these officers is somebody's parent, sibling, spouse or child.

Their dignity and well-being should not be compromised in any way by insulting, inconsiderate, dangerous or criminal words or actions.

I urge our lawmakers and enforcement authorities to take strong and firm action against anyone who resists arrest, insults or harms our law enforcers.

Our police officers keep us safe, and we should do what we can to keep them safe too.

Edwin Pang

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