Take concrete steps to end bullying

In yet another bullying incident in a school, the principal and teachers were made aware of the situation and the students involved were counselled or disciplined accordingly (Westwood Secondary students counselled, disciplined after video of fight in classroom goes viral; ST Online, Feb 18).

The matter has been laid to rest, and everyone can only hope that it is not repeated.

I am dismayed to know that school bullying still happens. As a parent, I am deeply saddened and troubled by this.

Bullying, especially in schools, must stop right now.

Perhaps some of the following measures can be adopted:

First, students should be taught about the ways to react to a bullying situation as part of school curriculum.

They should be taught not to stand by idly or film the incident to upload on social media.

Second, the Ministry of Education should send out a set of standardised guidelines to all schools outlining how students should be disciplined if they are involved in a bullying incident.

If required, law enforcement officers should be called to the school to nip this problem in the bud.

Third, all classrooms should have closed-circuit television cameras to ensure proper and acceptable behaviour in schools.

A school must remain a respected institution where one gets an education and learns to be a good and useful citizen.

Ang Kwang Yong

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