Taipei fire survivor an inspiration for youth

I was extremely inspired and heartened to read about Ms Megan Loy's journey of recovery and self discovery ("Taipei fire survivor enters NUS med school / Inspired by doctors during SGH stay"; last Saturday).

Ms Loy suffered serious burns on up to 80 per cent of her body last year in Taipei when a blaze broke out at a festival.

As a result, she had to stay in a hospital for four months.

Despite all the challenges she faced, Ms Loy emerged with healed wounds and a new determination.

She was inspired by the dedication and knowledge of the doctors who cared for her, and she wanted to bring positive change into the life of others.

I was truly impressed by her resilience, of how she passed her International Baccalaureate examinations with flying colours and secured a place at the National University of Singapore's medical faculty despite all she had gone through.

Her determination and positivity in difficult times fill me with admiration.

Ms Loy also shed light on the true spirit of being a doctor: To help and bring hope to others.

This definitely struck me, as many people stereotype this profession as one solely of status and prestige.

Ms Loy has shown us that being a doctor is so much more than that.

Being a doctor is all about being committed to others, and making a positive change in their lives.

Ms Loy is definitely a source of inspiration for young people like me, as she embodies strength and determination.

I sincerely hope that more students can realise the true spirit of being a doctor, and look past the superficial aspects of it.

I wish Ms Loy a speedy recovery and the best of luck in her medical pursuit.

Wei Yutong (Miss)

A version of this article appeared in the print edition of The Straits Times on August 25, 2016, with the headline 'Taipei fire survivor an inspiration for youth'. Subscribe