Tackle ageism at work with hiring practices

Instead of focusing on ageism in university brochures, we should urge employers to change their attitude towards hiring seniors (Be less ageist in university brochures, by Ms Lily Fu; Feb 13).

It is not a good idea for senior citizens to pick up a diploma or degree to improve their employability or remain in the workforce past retirement age as chances of them being employed after graduation are very slim.

Not long ago, two young men started an initiative called Tangent to change the way people are hired (A new way to hire staff, no university degree required; Feb 4).

Instead of hiring people based on academic excellence, the company believes in identifying the qualities that matter in a job and looking for candidates who possess these qualities.

Experienced mature workers who havedrive, enthusiasm and commitment can overcome a lack of academic qualifications.

Schemes such as SkillsFuture and Adapt and Grow can also help older workers learndigital and technological skills.

Priscilla Poh Beng Hoon (Ms)

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