Swim classes during haze: SportSG replies

We thank Ms Koh Yen Cheng for her feedback ("Seeking clarity on SportSG haze guidelines"; Monday).

Sport Singapore manages its ActiveSG facilities' operating hours based on the 24-hour Pollutant Standards Index (PSI).

We close our outdoor and non-air-conditioned indoor sports facilities when the 24-hour PSI level rises above 200, to balance between triggering early closure and when conditions are intolerable.

As our facilities serve all segments of the community who have different tolerance levels to the haze, it is very important that users exercise their discretion in deciding whether to engage in physical activity.

For organised activities, organisers should assess and take necessary precautions for their respective participants, based on their vulnerability.

While ActiveSG sports facilities will take the necessary action to adjust their operational hours and programmes to limit the ill effects from haze exposure for all age groups, we urge organisers, service providers and individuals to exercise caution and use their discretion if they wish to proceed with the activities when our facilities are open.

We urge Ms Koh to contact us on 1800-344-1177 so that we may follow up with the swim school.

In this particular case, the opening of the pool cannot be interpreted as endorsement that swimming lessons for children should proceed.

Lai Chin Kwang
Chief, ActiveSG
Sport Singapore

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