Surcharge for chilled drinks is displayed clearly

We thank Dr Allen Chong for his feedback on the "deceptive" additional charge for chilled drinks (Has culture of deception become the norm here?; June 22).

To impose this additional charge for chilled drinks is not unusual in the industry and has been practised for over a decade by major supermarket retailers.

While most customers should be aware of this, supermarkets nonetheless, continue to display this surcharge notice on the chillers for beverages. The price is also reflected accordingly in the receipt when a purchase is made.

We are a CaseTrust for Storefront (Gold) accredited business, and we assure Dr Chong that we abide by a strict code of business conduct that espouses integrity and reliability.

We do not condone any unethical business behaviour or practices that deliberately deceive customers.

There may be customers, like Dr Chong, who may on occasion, miss the customer notices or are not familiar with this industry practice.

In such a situation, they may approach our staff in the store to clarify if they suspect any discrepancy in pricing, or contact us directly at or on 6552 2722.

Jonas Kor

Director, Corporate Communications

NTUC FairPrice

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