Suggestions to improve Tuas Checkpoint

I have noticed that in recent weeks, there has been a change to the way cars are cleared at the Tuas Checkpoint when entering Singapore.

With the installation of a second automatic barrier at each immigration counter, it makes sense to first check the car boot, and to do this while there is a queue at the counter anyway.

Kudos to the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) for improving the process.

This will indeed ease the congestion and reduce the bottlenecks at the land checkpoints.

I would also suggest that the ICA look into the traffic situation during the morning peak hours, when thousands of motorcyclists and motorists all vie for the same limited number of lanes.

The ICA should look into the traffic situation during the morning peak hours, when thousands of motorcyclists and motorists all vie for the same limited number of lanes.

The three-lane bridge at the checkpoint can turn into five or six lanes, with everyone trying to squeeze their way through.

I have seen ICA officers putting themselves in danger when directing traffic.

Perhaps it may make more sense to start diverting cars to the opposite lane (outward of Singapore) before the bridge, where there is an opening at the road median.

This is so that all lanes for incoming traffic to Singapore can be used for motorcycles during the peak hours, with cars diverted to utilise an outbound lane, before both cars and motorcycles meet and create the hazardous congestion.

Mohamed Yatim Abdul Ghani

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