Subject opens more doors for students

I support the move to offer programming as a new O-level subject ("19 schools to offer programming at O levels"; Feb 29). Such subjects will capture students' interest and contribute to a more holistic education.

Introducing the subject at the secondary school level may enable students to uncover their aptitude for computing at a younger age, giving them more time to realise their passion, pursue their interests and enhance their skills.

The inclusion of many hands-on projects, including requiring students to code their own program, will appeal to learners who are more visually and sensory driven, and help students expand their creativity and raise their level of critical thinking.

They will be able to view computing and engineering as more than just subjects that provide support functions to other fields, and see that the skills can be readily applied to many real-world aspects.

In time to come, it may even lead to the introduction of more examinable subjects in other areas, providing a wider range of opportunities and choices to appeal to more students.

Ginnilee Ye Zi, 16, Secondary 4 student

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