Forum: Study impact of job clustering on older workers

A man from a landscaping company trimming some plants.
A man from a landscaping company trimming some plants.PHOTO: ST FILE

It was rather disturbing to read about a pilot project to explore the feasibility of workers doing a combination of cleaning, gardening and security duties (Job clustering project to start next year, Nov 23).

This will impact Singaporeans who hope to continue working in their senior years and live a purposeful life.

Many of those hired in the gardening and cleaning sectors are seniors, retirees and foreign workers. These jobs are menial and laborious, and much time is needed to complete a task.

The seniors will likely find it difficult to handle and complete the multiple duties assigned to them due to the physical demands of such tasks.

This will result in these seniors leaving the job market and finding life less meaningful. This in turn could lead to mental health issues.

I hope business leaders and the authorities behind the project will support inclusiveness and vulnerable communities when rolling it out next year.

Foo Kwang Sai

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